January 13th – April 7th 2018
Forget everything you've heard about weight loss.
Call to hear a free 24 hour recorded message:

Lose body fat & LEARN how to keep it off forever
We give you all our best tools, strategies, and the accountability to get you the results you are looking for. Best of all, you will be part of a community that will give you the support you need to succeed. 
What Can Happen For You..?
  •  Lose 5-50 LBS
  •  Feel great in a version of you that you’ve always wanted 
  •  Create friendships that last a lifetime and continue to hold you accountable 
  •  Professional Photos to look back on your results and feel inspired to keep going
  •  A nutrition guide to keep you on track 
  •  A bank of knowledge that will give you the means to never look back.
SAVE up to $150!
Option 1

3 months of Unlimited Bootcamps $599
(that’s $76 a month for unlimited Bootcamps normally $99/$129)

after 12/27 price is $649
Option 2

12 Bootcamps (with option to buy more at $5) $429
*Our $5 Bootcamps are sold in these packages of:
6 classes for $30/ 12 classes for $60 / 18 classes for $90 or 24 classes for $120

after 12/27 price is $479
Option 3

(perfect for everyone participating remotely or if you work out elsewhere)
after 12/27 price is $419
 Kick Off Meeting 
Saturday 9/9 8:30am-12pm
Kick Off Address:
The Best Western (use Function Hall entrance)
181 Boston Post Rd W, Marlborough, MA 01752

When:  Kick Off Meeting – Saturday 1/13/2018 8:30 am – 12 pm

This one-time meeting will provide all the details you will need to be successful.
Every Kick Off Meeting covers the entire program including: 



12 Week Body Challenge Includes
  • Informational Kick Off Meeting
  •  Proprietary Nutrition Packet & approved recipe book
  •  Before & After Professional Photos

  •  Access to sign up for any Bootcamp location, day, or time 
  •  Access to buy Bootcamps at the $5 rate
  •  Team Support 

  • Private Facebook Groups
  • Members Only Discounts
  • An Experienced Team Captain

  • Weekly inspirational messages and weekly stats
  •  24/7 access to your coach and transformation expert Bonnie Lefrak
  •  A program that has given results for THOUSANDS of people just like you!
1st Place – Greatest percentage of weight lost (a different winner for each prize)
3 months of UNLIMITED Bootcamps (value $387)

2nd Place – Greatest amount of weight lost (a different winner for each prize)
$250 Wegmans Gift Card

3rd Place – Best testimonial
One Free Month of Unlimited Bootcamps (value $129)
 lose body fat & LEARN how to keep it off forever
This program is for anyone looking to improve their body composition, health, and energy and create a LIFESTYLE change; whether your goal is to shed those last five lbs. or lose 50-100 lbs., our program will work for you.
BEST of all –
when you feel your best your confidence will soar.
We welcome all ages from 16+, all fitness levels, and we are co-ed.
 Lifestyle Change vs. a “DIET”
This is a team event, but more importantly an individual experience designed to give you the information, ACCOUNTABILITY, and support you need to be successful in transforming your physique, your mind set, and your life.
If you are READY to change; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – and completely… you will want to be a part of this experience.
We promote a LIFESTYLE change vs. a diet.
Eat more not less
 some of the instructors


Bonnie is the Owner of The Fitness Asylum, She has been leading people to achieve their extreme fitness goals for over 15 years. She is highly qualified, maintains over a dozen certifications in fitness training and nutrition, and has a devoted following of seriously fit men and women.


"The Fitness Asylum has taught me so much about proper nutrition and fitness and I feel so lucky to be part of this family!"


"I look forward to my future here at the Fitness Asylum and with this incredible team of people!"


"The Fitness Asylum is more than a gym, it is a family and a community. I look forward to meeting you at bootcamp!"


"Instructing at the Fitness Asylum is simply a joy for me – watching the progress each client makes, both over time and the pride in completing a good workout."


Accountability and results expert. helping thousands of people reach their fitness goals.
The Proof
 their stories Can Be Yours


"After reaching the highest weight of my life 3 years ago my doctor informed me again that I was a walking heart attack/stroke waiting to happen. I had every health risk possible going against me. It was then I decided to change my life. 
I quit smoking and began a 1 1/2 journey of losing weight after 50 lbs. I stalled out. I sat for a year without moving a pound. I could not understand why…. I joined a gym (didn’t go but I joined) I didn’t eat a lot (key there was didn’t eat a lot).
I am a professional dieter (yo yo that is) why am I not losing weight??? So after seeing the great success of a few people, I joined the FA. I convinced my friend Carla to join with me :).
I sat in the auditorium listening and saying ohhhhh I am so screwed (I am a very picky eater) Well I paid the money I will give it a shot. Not sure what the hell a macro is but I will figure it out. Well 3 weeks in and I was already doing great. Not craving sugar, eating plenty of food. HMMMM I can do this. Bootcamps kicked my butt but I liked it….
Well 3 months in I beat the goal I set for myself and I never felt better. I have muscles I never knew I had. I am toning up and I feel healthy. I am down another 30lbs for a total of 80. I no longer am on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and I no longer require a CPAP machine at night. I am a lifer now. The support and program was just what the doctor ordered (literally) I love." 


"I joined the Fitness Asylum this past fall for my first Body Challenge. I live with my husband and two awesome teenagers in Acton, Ma. I am a “soccer mom” and over the years, I have watched the transformation of many FA peeps from the sideline. I have seen countless women transform themselves, both mentally and physically before my very eyes, but I always had an excuse of why I couldn’t do it…I won’t bore you with the lame excuses that you have heard a million times over
… After being diagnosed with melanoma last year, my mental toughness was awoken and I realized I needed to get back in control of my own life. There were lots of things I couldn’t control, but I needed to find a way to control the controllables. I had to further convince myself that I could still be a good mom to two teenagers who works a crazy job, if I looked out for myself just a little bit. I also had to realize that nobody was going to do the hard work for me. I had to find a way to recommit myself to me and fortunately for me that came in the form of the Fall Body Challenge at FA.
What I found in the fall body challenge was a program that allowed human beings to believe in other human beings. I found a place that brings people together when the whole world is seemingly trying to tear people apart. I found a place that believes in the power of hard work, grit, and the human spirit.
Last week, I passed the 50 pounds lost mark since starting at Fitness Asylum last September. Although, I am really proud of this milestone, I have been wrestling with some unexpected emotions with my before and after pictures. After initially laughing out loud, and then smiling about the changes, and then crying about how I ever became the person on the left, I came to realize the best part of these photos is my smile on the right. This smile represents the gratitude that I have for the support and love that I found at FA with people I have and haven’t met. I have tons of work to do, but like me, I promise you, you are worth it, sometimes you just have to believe it and get to work."


"I joined the Fitness Asylum for the Fall Body Challenge in 2016 with my cousin, the year I turned 40. I thought it would be a great way to get myself back in shape and challenge myself to take off the weight I put on over the past few years. I remember looking at my husband while we were sitting on the couch, and saying- “Should I do it? I’m scared.” I knew something had to change. I am so glad I pushed that button that day and committed.
The Kickoff Meeting was amazing. I was scared to do my “before” photo and my initial weigh in, but now I love to look back on it and feel proud of how far I have come in such a short time. Each speaker had an inspirational story that I could relate to in some way, and tears filled my eyes more than a few times. Bonnie’s messages felt like she was directly talking to me at Kickoff. I often heard over the next 12 weeks in my head, “You can eat cake at your birthday, but you cannot eat cake at EVERYONE’S birthday!” I left Kickoff and headed straight to the grocery store to get everything in my packet. I read the packet so many times over the next week, and involved myself on my facebook team page and the inner circle support page.
I signed up for my first bootcamp class- I loved the people and the workout so much I began doing two or three a week after the first two weeks. Everyone was so encouraging. Each week, I gained confidence, strength, and ability at each of the stations thanks to the amazing instructors who correct your form and know when to push you, and are there to help you modify any exercise you need to. I looked forward to seeing my new friends at each class, and watching all of us transform before my eyes.
During my first Fall 12 week Body Challenge, I lost 28.6 lbs, which exceeded my goals and expectations. I continued onto the Holiday and now the Winter Challenge, and I am down almost 40 pounds total, and working on my new goals! I can see muscles in my shoulders and my arms for the first time in my life! I have gained far more than just pounds lost. I realized that I have gained control back over my life. I have gained confidence, strength, friends, and an overwhelming need to inspire others and make a positive impact in the world. The support in the FA community is amazing- people help you, and people care about your success."


"Before I joined The Fitness Asylum I was in a big slump. I lacked energy and motivation. I was sleeping 10-12 hours a night. I weighed more than ever, and nothing fit. I was not comfortable in my own skin. 
I joined because a woman I worked with, Sandy had amazing results. I only lost 10 lbs, but over 15 inches. 
My arms, back and shoulders are now showing definition. I’m sleeping less and my energy level is through the roof. I feel amazing. I’m more confident and feeling much stronger. I’ve also met a lot of amazing men and women in the boot camps. 
In my first class, I was told the Fitness Asylum is also known as the cult of Shrewsbury! Lol Now, I laugh because feeling healthy is addictive. I thank you Bonnie for an exceptional program that works. I look great and feel great!"


"I’m Holly, am a 6-year breast cancer survivor, work for Susan G. Komen Southern New England, married to my high school sweetheart for almost 25 years (in March) and have 3 amazing (if I don’t say so myself) daughters. We have an English bulldog named Charlotte who has her own Instagram: @abulldognamedcharlotte and I’m addicted to sugar.
I started at FA back in May terrified out of my mind. I was tired of yo-yoing with my weight and tired of just dieting to lose weight and then gaining it right back (and then some) without gaining strength and needed to find a support group that could help calm my nerves. I was so inspired by the photos I saw of Kelly Keating Walker, someone I went to elementary, middle and high school with that I reached out to her to find out if someone like me (at my heaviest weight) could even survive a class. I was terrified of being made fun of because of my weight (if you’ve seen the new TV show, “This is Us,” I was Kate), but even more terrified of not doing something. Of course she said I could do it but to talk to Bonnie Lefrak to answer any questions. I thought that if THE owner could take the time to talk to ME than that says a lot. And guess what, of course she did. I explained that I was petrified because I danced as a child and was told over and over again that we were horrible, would never amount to anything and were made to feel worthless.
So group exercise could be very difficult emotionally for me. My psyche could not stand to hear negative thoughts or I would spiral out of control and I had to protect myself, even if that meant I was meant to be fat. Bonnie said that this was different but that she promised I wouldn’t feel that way because everyone was very supportive and too focused on their own exercise to worry about what I was doing. AND that night just so happened to be the first class of Intro to BootCamp and I should give if a try. If I liked it, I could pay the difference between the one class and book the six-week class and if not I’d just be out the $20 for the one. What an opportunity to try something I really wanted with all my heart without being forced to join a gym and/or program. So, I did. I arrived 15 minutes early so I could talk to the instructor about my fears (and so she would be a little gentler on me). I guess I didn’t need to because Darlene Bubba Connorshas to be one of the kindest people I know and kept reassuring me and the rest of the class that we were all in the same place. I don’t think that first class we exercised physically a whole lot but emotionally was simply amazing for me. Bubba continued to encourage me weekly without pushing me over my limit and made me more and more confident to try a real boot camp class. I met a special lady, Ursula John, in that intro class and we decided to do Beach Body challenge together over the summer. To hear the stories over and over again to realize I wasn’t alone just melted my insecurities away. I liked the guided food plan (previously I was on Atkins (my own version anyway)) but since I had no accountability, I would cheat ALL the time. Sugar was my drug of choice. I loved the support of Beach Body. Ursula and I finally made it to a REAL boot camp and survived (with minor modifications), but we survived. I wasn’t scared anymore and actually began liking coming to class (thank you especially to Mary-Beth Turner and Gail Rutkousky and the amazing Martie Porter (who is so inspirational and motivational)).
I think I lost about 15 pounds in that program. I knew I couldn’t go back to where I once was so I continued my journey and lost another 10 pounds in between summer and fall and my husband started eating similarly to me (and he’s now lost 25+pounds too!). I have lost almost 20 since starting fall. All in all, I have lost 50 pounds since starting my journey in May and have gained strength and confidence. I feel great, I’m definitely stronger, and the support here is nothing short of amazing. I truly believe FA and all its instructors and clients has saved my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are my FAmily ❤. "
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